TransDyne Technologies, our software division, develops and maintains software systems and products for the healthcare sector. Our competence in leading edge technologies, device level programming and Computer Telephony Interface (CTI) have helped us develop various shrink-wrapped products and customized solutions. Some of our current areas of competence are:

Pocket PC / SmartPhone development

Voice Capture solutions using windows pocket PC OS Medical productivity solutions including prescription writing capabilities using hand held PC and pocket PC devices with integration with Major EMR's

On Demand Fax solutions

Integrating desktop faxing allows you to send fax documents directly from your networked desktop computer. Giving you the ability and the flexibility to send any document from your desktop with low cost. Fax solutions using windows applications with Microsoft Fax Api. Windows2003 Fax server will be used for connecting the machines across the network.

HL7 integration tools

HL7 integration with major practice management software using Interfaceware and Neotools

Voice Recognition solutions

Voice Recognition and speech to text conversion using Microsoft speech tools. Integration of Voice Recognition technologies with Computer Telephone Integration and proprietary voice capture solutions to provide fast and accurate conversion of speech to text. Extensive use of VR SDK

Full development of the acoustic model trainer

Leading major changes to the front end, converting from imelda coefficients to cepstra and adding a vector quantization (VQ) stage; Design and collection of databases to test and benchmark speech recognition performance

Telephony solutions

Linux, C++ based telephony solutions including deployment support and customization of full feature PBX, auto dialer and on demand access to test results.

Business support solutions

Deployment, Support, customization of MS CRM 3.0 with integration for Credit card processing and UPS shipping modules. Full featured manufacturing, inventory, MRP and financial software deployment and customization solutions