TransDyne's Firsts

As the leader in the outsourced Transcription industry, TransDyne has been continuously setting the benchmarks for the industry through innovative initiatives. Here is a partial list:

First to offer job guarantee program SmartShield:
In light of millions of job losses in India as well as worldwide, due to the recession in US and economic slowdown in India, TransDyne became the first company to announce SmartShield, a 5-year job security policy. This policy was launched by the Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy on 18th February, 2009.

First to introduce direct training program for Proofreaders:
TransDyne has never allowed lack of experience to hinder the career growth of capable individuals. TransDyne was the first Transcription company to recruit freshers as trainee Proofreaders with no prior experience whatsoever in Transcription.

First to introduce PROP to mould MTs to PRs:
Proof Readers' Orientation Program (PROP) is aimed at identifying potential Proofreaders among Medical Transcriptionists and nurturing them to become Proofreaders. This program was launched way back in 2003 and is conducted every 3 months to continuously motivate MTs towards career growth irrespective of their seniority in the company or experience in the industry. Many of our MTs have used this program to elevate their careers into Proofreading.

First to introduce Specialty based production teams:
TransDyne was the first company to segregate production teams into specialty-based teams. This helps in specialization of skills and results in improved performance.

First company to cross the 100, 150, 200-minute transcription mark in a single shift:
TransDyne is known for setting (and revising!) benchmark standards for the Medical Transcription industry. The myth that average daily work of an MT is around 60 minutes of transcription per day was broken by TransDyne's employees who were the first to crack the 100, 150, and 200 minutes per day of transcription marks.

First company to cross the 200, 300, 400, 500 minute proofing mark in a single shift:
The myth of 120 to 150 minutes being acceptable average work that can be handled by a Proofreader has been broken since TransDyne's Proofreaders average 200 to 250 minutes of proofreading. Also there are quite a good number of Proofreaders who frequently cross the 300, 400 and 500 mark. These volumes are possible only because of the excellent training that our people receive and the enormous increase in productivity because of our various automated tools.

Anyone can work from anywhere, anytime:
TransDyne was the first to introduce work-from-anywhere concept with fibre-optic linked offices with different production phases done in different offices. Till date, most of the other Transcription companies with multiple offices limit each office as a different island and stipulate that all those involved in production from an office should only work from that office.

Gender-free work policy:
TransDyne was the first and perhaps still is the only MT company to have a Gender-Free Workplace policy. Such a policy ensures that there is no gender bias within the organization and also ensures that the workplace is free of any unprofessional activities.

Leadership Development Program:
TransDyne was the first Transcription company to introduce Leadership Development Program (LDP) to nurture leadership qualities of employees. Every employee is observed for leadership qualities right from the training phase. Those with good leadership qualities are identified, nurtured and groomed into managers.

Refresher Training Programs:
TransDyne was the first company to introduce Refresher training program as an ongoing training program for production staff to keep them updated of latest developments in medicine.

First to introduce Specialty based training:
This means a fresher can focus and specialize in a single medical specialty instead having to gain sufficient knowledge in a number of specialties. This helps the fresher to produce quality work in a short period of time and become capable of earning at the earliest. This was possible because TransDyne has huge volumes of work available for each specialty.

First to introduce totally end-to-end transcription solution:
The entire workflow, from the time a dictation is made by the client to the time a document is sent back is fully automated with the help of an inhouse workflow application "SmartFlow" which provides unparalleled speed and eases the entire production planning and tracking process.

First to offer Auditor Training Program:
Quality audit is a vital process to ensure regular checks and feedbacks on the work delivered to the clients. An exclusive training program to train freshers into becoming quality audit professionals was launched by TransDyne in 2006.

First company to train more than a 100 people in a single month:
TransDyne's training department is equipped and adequately staffed to be able to train more than 100 people each month.

TransDyne was the first transcription company to conduct Jobathon—A 100-hour nonstop recruitment event. Around 500 people were given offer letters at the end of 100 hours. TransDyne became the first Medical Transcription company to enter Limca Book of Records for such a feat.

First to conduct TransMahotsav, an industry-wide cultural event:
Being the industry leader, TransDyne conducted a major event to bring together entire Transcription fraternity of the country. Representatives of Medical Transcription industry from all over the country participated in the cultural, entertainment and educative events. First to use outdoor media for recruitment branding: TransDyne was the first company to use outdoor media for the purpose of recruitment, way back in April, 2004.

Third-party training:
TransDyne was the first to offer training services to other companies, who wished to avail of TransDyne's training program, which is considered to be the best transcription program. First to introduce paperless recruitment test: Our recruitment test process was made simple, short and effective. The test is taken on a computer and the results will be out as soon as the test is over.

First to use Direct Networking Associates for recruitment:
Individuals were provided consultancy status by the way of this program, which helps them earn attractive referral service charges. This provided additional employment to many, while also helping youngsters get into a good career.